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Episode 189 - What We're Thankful For.

This week we have a couple top five lists. Golf courses we want to play, and what we are thankful for.

Episode 188 - This Is The Everything Bagel Show.

Just like Seinfeld, this is the show about nothing and everything all at the same time.

Episode 187 - Aaron Brings Out The Soapbox Again.

Aaron, Mark, Steve and Kevin smoke a handful of different cigars while talking bad poker games, favorite golf courses while Aaron and Mark talk about Fifa.

Episode 186 - This Is Not An Illusion.

This week Steve and Aaron sit with Fred Rewey, the brand strategist for Illusione. We talk about the love of bacon, when Christmas decor can start going up and just wh...

Episode 185 - Are Mummys Zombies?

October is the best month of the year, so why not take the show outside into the crisp cool Autum air. Steve and Aaron crack open the Tatuaje Monster Mash from last ye...

Episode 184 - Steve Don't Read Books.

This week we are spitting hot takes all over the place. The proper way to put of socks, Apple or Android, what's better, the book or the movie. The show starts with a ...

Episode 183 - I Think Mo Has A Type...

This week Mark, Steve, Aaron and Mo talk about their top five debut music albums.

Episode 182 - The Opposite of Hearty & Smooth.

Last week was a rough one for some cigar factories, we talk about a fire in one and Ian taking out another. Aaron, Mark, Steve and Kevin smoke out of the LCC September...

Episode 181 - You Octo Love This Cigar.

This week we had Billy and Gus from Artesano Del Tobacco, two of our absolute favorite people in the cigat industry. We smoke their pre release of the El Pulpo. A ciga...

Episode 180 - Fat Boy Certified.

What happens when four big guys get in the same room? We turn into a food podcast.

Episode 179 - Where Were You?

As our home shop host a multi vender event this week, Aaron, Mark, Steve & Mo smoke a different cigar from four of the vendors. We end the show talking about what ...

Episode 178 - America's Cocaine... Football.

This week we are joined by former Arkansas Razorback Lerinezo Robinson to talk about America's favorite pastime, Football. We smoke the EP Carrillo La Historia while t...

Episode 177 - The Anti-Cameo.

This week's show we smoke the Drew Estate Freestyle Sept pack, a cigar we know nothing about. We discuss who had the better run of movies, Jim Carry, John Candy or Edd...

Episode 176 - Swan Diving to Swan Core.

This week the guys smoke out of the LCC August box while talking about concerts, going wild in Toys R Us and the unfortunate etymology for a common phrase.

Episode 175 - Steve Is Soft White Bread.

On this week's show we break down our top five candy and top five duos. While debating this topic we all smoke a different Crowned Heads cigar.

Episode 174- James... Peter James.

On this week's episode we welcome John Peter, founder of Peter James Leather Company Inc. We sit and talk all about what makes his cigar travel cases the best on the m...

Episode 173 - Rehashing Last Weeks Show.

This week we bring in Brandon to talk about some of the things he experienced at PCA 2022 while smoking the My Father Garcia Garcia. We get his take on some of the sub...

Episode 172 - The Outrage Show.

This week Aaron, Mark, Josh and Kevin smoke out of the July LCC box. Aaron goes in hard on a few cigar stories that have come out in the past few weeks.

Episode 171 - Pineapple Belongs On Pizza... Fight Me.

This week we smoke the Perla del Mar Maduro Toro while telling our top 5 pizzas and top 3 drinks to pair with a cigar.

Episode 170 - A Long Show About Nothing.

We are going Seinfeld this week. A show about nothing. Golf, Star Wars, Mo off mic, the return of Million Dollars But... a little bit of something and a whole lot of n...

Episode 169 - The Character of People and Principle of Things.

This week we are joined by 3 of the founders of the Dirty Ash Club: Norm, Rocky and Charlie. We all start off smoking the LT Lancero that was a collaboration between M...

Episode 168 - The Addictions We Have Faced.

On this week's show, Aaron and Mark are joined by their friend Phil to discuss the challenges they each have faced with addiction.

Episode 167 - I Love Trains, I'm Like Sheldon.

On this week's show, Aaron, Mark, Steve and Kevin smoke out of the June Luxury Cigar Club box.

Episode 166 - Cigar à la Mode.

On this week's show: Aaron, Mark & Steve smoke the LFD Colorado Oscuro #5 while giving their top five sandwiches and top five desserts.

Episode 165 - Holy Cannoli.

This week, Aaron and Mark are joined by Jeff Amendola of Amendola Family Cigar Co. We smoke a few different Cannolis and learn about the history and rich culture Amend...

Episode 164 - He's Gone Full Hipster.

Knuckle Sandwiches, golf stories, what famous person would be your friend and Aaron goes full hipster on Formula 1.

Episode 163 - Does the Orangutan Have the Sword?

Aaron and Steve give a breakdown of Rough N Rowdy 17. We find out if Kevin's life has slowed down any and what is a good bad movie. All this and more while smoking the...

Episode 162 - Job One, Be Amazing.

On this week's show, Aaron, Steve & Brandon go over a book by Shep Hyken called Amaze Every Customer Every Time: 52 Tools for Delivering the Most Amazing Customer ...

Episode 161 - Legos & Golfing.

In this week's show, Aaron keeps irritating Steve on word pronunciation, Mark tells the guys all about a special cowboy hat and could you score one basket against an N...

Episode 160 - Diners Need A Comeback.

Aaron, Steve & Kevin smoke three different cigars out of the April Luxury Cigar Club Platinum box while finding out Kevin has never experienced the glory that is W...

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