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Episode 248 - Van Halen-1984, Track 6.

Aaron sits with his friend Allen, educator, metal musician, and D&D badass. They talk about his different style of teaching the future generation and break down our fa...

Episode 247 - Forever Thick.

Aaron and Mo cut up outside with more questions and guess that music. 

Episode 245 - A Day Late.

Aaron, Mark and Steve start year six of the show a day late. 

Episode 244 - A Trip Back In Time.

As this show turns 5, here is our original pilot episode that Steve and Aaron did as a test run. How things have changed for our little show, but five years in, it's a...

Episode 243 - Questions From The Internet Vol.3

Aaron and Mo smoke the Blackened M81 and ask each other more questions from the web. 

Episode 242 - Space STD's Would Be Wild.

As Mark gets ready for the move to Alabama, we do a fully remote test run. 

Episode 241 - In The Presence of A Champion.

Steve wins big, Aaron gets excited and Mark... not so much. 

Episode 240 - Conversations on The Patio / Happy Eclipse Day.

Aaron and Mo are back to ask questions for each other, this one is more lighthearted. Also, are you ready for Eclipse 2024?

Episode 239 - The Dirty Note Bingo Card.

After way too long, Kevin is back as the guys crack open a few of the Luxury Cigar Club boxes. Also, Mark is somehow making everything dirty. 

Episode 238 - What's Your Hotdog Call?

Aaron, Mark and Steve are all back to talk about the biggest event in the cigar industry, PCA. They also discuss what their hotdog call would be if they were vendors a...

Episode 237 - Let The Madness Begin.

For the third year, Aaron is joined by Coach Jay as they breakdown NCAA March Madnes.

Episode 236 - Sound the Hockey Horn.

A listener was gracious enough to buy us some cigars, so of course we will enjoy them during this week's show. Thanks John. Also, should golf embrace the rowdy crowds?

Episode 235 - You Can Take Us Off The Milk Carton Now.

What was supposed to be a two week break turning into a two month break, the boys are back to catch up. 

Episode 233 - CFP Hot Takes.

Mark has something against Iowa, we debate how the CFP will go and smoke a new Diesel cigar. 

Episode 231 - The Therapy Couch

November is Men's Mental Health month, so Aaron lays on the couch and discusses some things with Mark. 

Episode 229 - Mark Hates VAR.

With the new S&S package out for the members, Aaron finally breaks open the 2022 version of it. Mark tries to fix instant replay for sporting events. 

Episode 228 - Back From Our Sabbatical.

After taking the bulk of October off, Aaron, Mark and Steve are back while enjoying the LFD Cab 5.

Episode 227 - I Welcome The Swifties.

Aaron and Mark talk about what the sports world can't shake off. 

Episode 226 - Your Thematic Goal.

This week we have on Garrett Calhoun, sales rep for Davidoff and Michael Herklots, owner of Ferio Tego. A show dedicated to cigars and jazz music. 

Episode 225 - #$&! It, We'll Do It Live...

Kevin is back as we get his top vocalists, crack into the LCC box for September and talk about some of our favorite art exhibits.  

Episode 224 - Our Top Vocalists.

Aaron, Mark, Steve and Mo give their top 5 vocalists while have an AVO Maduro. You can find the songs we talked about here on this Spotify Playlist https://open.spotif...

Episode 223 - Misbehavin'.

Steve and Aaron are running around the pickleball court misbehavin while enjoying some CAO cigars. 

Episode 222 - The Authenticity of Cigars.

This week, welcome Manolo Santiago from Casa 1910, a man who has opened up our eyes to the world of Mexican cigars that is more than just San Andres tobacco. 

Episode 221 - Are We Alone?

The Universe is infinite and ever expanding, so are we alone?

Episode 220 - Don't Say the Y or S Word.

Aaron learns a few words you're not supposed to say. 

Episode 219 - A Birthday Suprise.

A group effort pulled a surprise dinner and recording for Aaron's birthday. 

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