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Episode 226 - Your Thematic Goal.

This week we have on Garrett Calhoun, sales rep for Davidoff and Michael Herklots, owner of Ferio Tego. A show dedicated to cigars and jazz music. 

Episode 225 - #$&! It, We'll Do It Live...

Kevin is back as we get his top vocalists, crack into the LCC box for September and talk about some of our favorite art exhibits.  

Episode 224 - Our Top Vocalists.

Aaron, Mark, Steve and Mo give their top 5 vocalists while have an AVO Maduro. You can find the songs we talked about here on this Spotify Playlist https://open.spotif...

Episode 223 - Misbehavin'.

Steve and Aaron are running around the pickleball court misbehavin while enjoying some CAO cigars. 

Episode 222 - The Authenticity of Cigars.

This week, welcome Manolo Santiago from Casa 1910, a man who has opened up our eyes to the world of Mexican cigars that is more than just San Andres tobacco. 

Episode 221 - Are We Alone?

The Universe is infinite and ever expanding, so are we alone?

Episode 220 - Don't Say the Y or S Word.

Aaron learns a few words you're not supposed to say. 

Episode 219 - A Birthday Suprise.

A group effort pulled a surprise dinner and recording for Aaron's birthday. 

Episode 218 - Pity Biscuits Part 2

The conclusion to the Pity Biscuit Chronical centers around gambling in the sports world, and each person has their own side. 

Episode 217 - Pity Biscuits Part 1

Aaron, Mark and Steve go over the ten reasons to take a mulligan according to Golf Digest. All this leads up to a heated discussion regarding sports gambling and playi...

Episode 215 - The Dogdays of Summer

As June comes to an end, we are all over the place on different subjects. 

Episode 214 - It Looks Like Grimace Down There.

After a few weeks off, Aaron is back to talk about his surgery. Aaron and Mark also celebrate the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Episode 213 - A Family Affair.

While Aaron is out of town, Steve and Mark welcome Mark's sister and mom onto the show. 

Episode 212 - The Last Album to Blow You Away?

This week, an album released that blew Aaron away. We dive into the subject of what music just made you stop and feel all the emotions. 

Episode 211 - MDB...

Mark is out this week, so Aaron and Steve play his favorite game. A show dedicated to Million Dollars, But...

Episode 210 - Just Change the Name.

Aaron, Mark and Steve debate the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Aaron reads a chat AI script for a cigar podcast. 

Episode 209 - Cigar Lounge ASMR.

The cigar lounge ambiance experience with Kevin in NYC at the Davidoff Lounge and Aaron at West End Cigars in Little Rock Arkansas.

Episode 208 - The Ultimat Super Draft (Aaron Can't Count).

We draft our teams for the ultimat battle of fictional characters and discuss what hockey jerseys look the best. 

Episode 207 - Fighting About BBQ.

This week we talk about our LCC meetup over the weekend that turns into a argument about BBQ and other food. 

Episode 206 - Hammer the Soup.

Pet peeves, sleeping on music that is banger after banger and falling down the YouTube rabbit hole. 

Episode 205 - A Wild Week of Weather.

After an eventful weekend of F3 tornados that ripped through Little Rock, Aaron and Mark talk about the damage that happened. 

Episode 203 - The Passing of The Soapbox

Mark, Aaron and Kevin are back at it talking D&D, camping and stupid legislation. 

Episode 202 - We Love This Time of Year!

Aaron and Mark welcome back their friend Coach Jay to break down the NCAA Basketball Tournament. 

Episode 201 - Who Do You Think You Are?!? I Am!

We celebrate the greatest trash talk ever spoke and half the show turns into an leadership discussion. 

Episode 200 - Is Local Radio Baseball Calls a Dying Art?

Mark and Aaron talk about being pit under for surgery, how session 2 of D&D went and talk about their love of a game being called on the radio. 

Episode 199 - The Start of Celebration Cigar Year.

Aaron, Mark and Kevin break open the January LCC box while talking most embarrassing moments in adulthood and jumping on insecurities. 

Episode 198 - A Nostalgia Trip.

We open up multiple packs of baseball cards from the 80's and 90's. 

Episode 197 - Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

A show with updates from Aaron on D&D, Mark falling into the YouTube reaction videos and Steve on some new adventures.

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