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Episode 174- James... Peter James.

On this week's episode we welcome John Peter, founder of Peter James Leather Company Inc. We sit and talk all about what makes his cigar travel cases the best on the market and the new products that will be hitting stores soon. While talking with John we smoke the new Los Estoico Maduro that absolutely blew us away. When we say you need to get your hands on one, we mean it. This cigar is spectacular in all standards. Peterjames.ca

Episode 173 - Rehashing Last Weeks Show.

This week we bring in Brandon to talk about some of the things he experienced at PCA 2022 while smoking the My Father Garcia Garcia. We get his take on some of the subjects from last week's episode and Aaron lays out a new charity golf tournament he is putting together.

Episode 172 - The Outrage Show.

This week Aaron, Mark, Josh and Kevin smoke out of the July LCC box. Aaron goes in hard on a few cigar stories that have come out in the past few weeks.

Episode 171 - Pineapple Belongs On Pizza... Fight Me.

This week we smoke the Perla del Mar Maduro Toro while telling our top 5 pizzas and top 3 drinks to pair with a cigar.

Episode 170 - A Long Show About Nothing.

We are going Seinfeld this week. A show about nothing. Golf, Star Wars, Mo off mic, the return of Million Dollars But... a little bit of something and a whole lot of nothing this week.

Episode 169 - The Character of People and Principle of Things.

This week we are joined by 3 of the founders of the Dirty Ash Club: Norm, Rocky and Charlie. We all start off smoking the LT Lancero that was a collaboration between Matt Booth and Bunny Droppings. We also smoke the Stolen Thrown Crook of the Crown, one that Steve has never had before. They tell us what it took to create an online community for this culture we partake in and the goals they want to achieve in the future.

Episode 168 - The Addictions We Have Faced.

On this week's show, Aaron and Mark are joined by their friend Phil to discuss the challenges they each have faced with addiction.

Episode 167 - I Love Trains, I'm Like Sheldon.

On this week's show, Aaron, Mark, Steve and Kevin smoke out of the June Luxury Cigar Club box.

Episode 166 - Cigar à la Mode.

On this week's show: Aaron, Mark & Steve smoke the LFD Colorado Oscuro #5 while giving their top five sandwiches and top five desserts.

Episode 165 - Holy Cannoli.

This week, Aaron and Mark are joined by Jeff Amendola of Amendola Family Cigar Co. We smoke a few different Cannolis and learn about the history and rich culture Amendola is bringing into the cigar community. In the middle of the show, a major movie bomb is dropped by Mark.

Episode 164 - He's Gone Full Hipster.

Knuckle Sandwiches, golf stories, what famous person would be your friend and Aaron goes full hipster on Formula 1.

Episode 163 - Does the Orangutan Have the Sword?

Aaron and Steve give a breakdown of Rough N Rowdy 17. We find out if Kevin's life has slowed down any and what is a good bad movie. All this and more while smoking the LCC May Platinum Box. You also hear a bit or pre-show cold open.

Episode 162 - Job One, Be Amazing.

On this week's show, Aaron, Steve & Brandon go over a book by Shep Hyken called Amaze Every Customer Every Time: 52 Tools for Delivering the Most Amazing Customer Service on the Planet. This was a book Brandon challenged the employees of West End Cigars to read and use these points in our cigar shop.

Episode 161 - Legos & Golfing.

In this week's show, Aaron keeps irritating Steve on word pronunciation, Mark tells the guys all about a special cowboy hat and could you score one basket against an NBA star. All this and more while three different Black Label Trading cigars are enjoyed.

Episode 160 - Diners Need A Comeback.

Aaron, Steve & Kevin smoke three different cigars out of the April Luxury Cigar Club Platinum box while finding out Kevin has never experienced the glory that is Waffe House.

Episode 159 - Cthulhu's Taint.

Aaron, Mark & Steve have an in-depth conversation about an issue in the cigar industry right now, marketing and the problems that surround it.

Episode 158 - Did He Just Compare Himself To The Pope?

Aaron, Mark & Steve sit with Chris from Luxury Cigar Club in-house to smoke thier newest creation, the Eight Span Raven.

Episode 157 - The Arkansas Herf

Aaron, Mark and Steve are joined by fellow friends from across the country after the Martinez Rollers Event at West End Cigars Conway.

Episode 156 - Mark Complains About Baseball.

This week we try to figure out just how PCA can introduce consumers to the trade show, our love of pizza and complain about baseball. We also see the return of MDB. All this and more while we enjoy the My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo.

Episode 155 - Steve Has Come Home.

For this week's show Aaron, Mark, Kevin and the parodical son Steve are smoking four different cigars from the March LCC box.

Episode 154 - There Is Always Hope, You Are Not Alone.

March 26th 2016. The day I thought would be my last. Depression and Mental Health is something we have talked about many times on this show. March 26th is a day I will not forget, but it is a day I will celebrate for second chances.

Episode 153 - Breaking Out of Her Shell.

On this week's show, Aaron and Mark sit down with the host of Ashes With Ash. Ash tells us about celebrating one year into producing content in the cigar podcast relm, what it's like working at the Davidoff lounge in New York City and we ask if it's crazy to get a shop tattoo.

Episode 152 - The Big Dance.

This is arguably the greatest sports week in the year. 67 games will be played in the coming weeks, so Aaron, Mark and guest Coach Jay break down March Madness. Hot takes are flying all over this episode, so lock in your bracket and grab the Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan and join in the conversation on who will win it all down in The Big Easy.

Episode 151 - Were There Restaurants In da Vinci's Time?

On this week's show Aaron, Mark and Steve smoke the La Aroma de Cuba Pasión. They talk about the heartbreak that Coack K had to feel, the chaos that happened in LigaMX and we break some major news. Also Aaron doesn't understand day light savings and drives not only Mark and Steve crazy but also probably the listeners.

Episode 150 - We Are All Over The Place.

On this week's show, Aaron and Mark smoke the Surrogates Eight Baller while discussing a dozen topics.

Episode 149 - #F4MILY

What does family mean to you? Family is more than sharing a name, more than blood. For Coach Jay Bordas, you will hear just what that entails. Family has its up and downs, but it is the strongest bond.

Episode 148 - The Complexion of A Boiled Egg.

Aaron, Mark, Josh, Kevin and Brandon sit around and smoke the February Platinum box from LCC while talking halftime shows, proper driving cigar techniques and upcoming West End events.

Episode 147 - More Tanks, Less Tentacles.

This week Aaron, Mark, Josh and Kevin are having a bit of January in February. The LCC Platinum box was filled with goodies and we dive into 4 of them. Aaron shocks Mark and Josh with a discovery, Kevin gives us the proper way to walk around NYC and did Netflix do Cowboy Bebop right. This and more on nonsense this week.

Episode146- We Give You The Score.

This week we have of the founder of cigarscore.com Ellory Wells, the driving force behind a website all cigar smokers need. We discuss how this site came to be as a need for our community and how you the consumer can make it grow. We take a trip down memory lane about cigars in the early 2000s while we enjoy the Crux Limitada Short Salomone.

Episode 145 - Who Makes The Cut?

The top cigar list of 2021 is finally happening. Aaron, Mark, Josh and Kevin give their favorites of the year and go over the lists from friends and listeners.

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